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A Business Merger or Acquisition Can Get Complicated

We all know we need a medical checkup from time-to-time (and some of us actually go). But many otherwise responsible business people may not realize that an Asset Protection Checkup is just as important for the financial health and protection of their families. The best time for an Asset Protection Checkup is when times are good and business is on the rise (or expected to be on the rise). All too often, people wait until the tide has turned and potential risks become current problems before beginning to consider asset protection options. At that time, options for asset protection strategies are much more limited.

Ohio's Short-Term Lender Act Law Nothing But Smoke and Mirrors

After the passing of Ohio's Short-Term Lender Act in 2008, many felt enough had been done to curb the predatory practices of payday lenders. Proponents of the law explained that its intention was to limit what payday lenders can charge consumers as well as the repercussions available to them if a consumer fails to pay.