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Dayton business owners give mixed report card to regulators

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In many ways, whether or not a small business succeeds relies on whether it fills a need in the area and is run by talented, hard-working people. But at the same time, most small businesses will have to deal with government rules and regulations in some capacity. If those rules are overly burdensome, they might sink an otherwise promising business.

A survey of American small business owners gives a snapshot of the relationship between businesses and state and local government in Ohio, including in Dayton. The city grades out pretty well, but small business owners had some criticism to share, according to Dayton Business Journal.

Out of the nearly 18,000 owners who responded to this year's Thumbtack Small Business Friendliness Survey, 51 do business in Dayton, out of 546 in Ohio. Based on the Dayton business owners' responses, Thumbtack gave the city a B-minus grade for friendliness toward small businesses. Last year, the survey gave Dayton an A-minus.

The respondents praised Dayton for its licensing and zoning regulations, but criticized the city when asked about how easy it is to hire people. Still, Dayton ranked 40th out of the 95 metropolitan areas covered in the Thumbtack survey. The highest grade for an Ohio city went to Columbus, which earned an A-minus.

Thumbtack's chief economist said that Ohio's small business owners expressed more satisfaction overall than last year, but continued to complain about the "regulatory climate."

One possible source of frustration with government regulation could be when a small business is organized in a way that is not appropriate for the owner's goals and needs. An experienced business attorney's advice can be invaluable during the organization stage.

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