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Intellectual property: often the life blood of an Ohio business

Ohio businesses, like enterprises across the country, run a gamut of sizes and types. Cities across the state, and small towns in between, have vibrant and growing pockets of corporate vitality that enrich their communities.

Workforce issues: many and challenging for any business

A well-trained, diverse and employer-committed workforce is at the top of any list of variables that define and centrally contribute to business success. A company in Ohio or anywhere else with exemplary employees is already halfway home when it comes to a prospering bottom line.

A core determinant of business success: a well-executed contract

Diverse business clients in Ohio, as well as nationally and across the globe, that the proven attorneys of Dayton-based Coolidge Wall -- one of Ohio's longest-tenured law firms -- have successfully represented over many decades centrally share at least one important attribute.

Protecting vital interests: noncompete and nondisclosure agreements

Diverse businesses operating in virtually every industry in Ohio and across the country contemplate a corporate double-edged sword when it comes to some highly valued employees with key skills and intimate access to proprietary data.