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Political Signs on Limited Public Forums

As the 2020 primary and general election swiftly approaches, local governmental entities (i.e., cities, townships, villages, and municipalities) will be required to regulate hundreds of polling stations throughout the State of Ohio for citizens to vote for candidates in national, state, and local elections. These local governmental entities must effectively balance voters' rights to free speech and the local interest to keep polling stations safe, organized, and void of any political bias for any of the candidates.

No Decision on Union Election Agreements

Although it is not the normal response by management, there are some circumstances when employers are not opposed to the unionization of their workers. This has certainly not been our experience, but some executives feel the union apparatus could decrease their burdens in handling personnel matters. Others may survey the situation and, seeing union certification as inevitable, opt to try forming a working relationship with the union as early as possible rather than fighting an uphill campaign against it. This leads some employers to actually enter into agreements with unions to facilitate the election and certification process. However, employers who choose to take this route should be wary.