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Book Club fosters law firm camaraderie


If you’ve thought about joining a book group but feel you just don’t have the time to work it into your busy schedule, you’ll be inspired by the Coollaw Book Club.

Staffers at Coolidge Wall meet several times a year on their lunch hour to share a love of reading and good books. About 10 to 15 usually participate.

“I think the interplay among the secretaries, attorneys, paralegals and our IT manager has been good for developing an over-all team approach to our work as a firm,” says Merle Wilberding, who started the group. Lunchtime conversations have given members a chance to appreciate one another’s talents and interests in ways that wouldn’t have been achieved otherwise.

Barbara Piatt, a secretary at the firm, says she loves seeing another side to the “lawyer-types.”

“Josh (Lounsbury) astounds me with his avid reading, knowing how busy he must be with the triplets and he still finds time to read everything that comes along and remembers vivid details about every one of them,” she says. ” I love to see David (Pierce) actually sitting down and not being tied to his iPhone for a whole hour! He is another person from the one I see passing in the hallway!”

Wilberding says the group is in its ninth year and is still going strong.

The Dayton Daily News recently featured the Coolidge Wall Book Club in its Sunday edition.


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