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Coolidge Wall Helps Ease Hunger in Dayton


Coolidge Wall and its employees are helping to ease hunger in Dayton by donating the equivalent of 800 jars of peanut butter to the local Bar Hunger campaign. That’s 12,682 ounces or 792.6 pounds of peanut butter, collected in just 13 days.

The Dayton Bar Association (DBA), in conjunction with other local charities, is sponsoring the Bar Hunger: Peanut Butter and Justice Challenge to address hunger in the community. A 2013 Food Research and Action Center report ranks the City of Dayton as the ninth hungriest city in America.

Retired Magistrate Bonnie Beaman Rice, a volunteer director/coordinator of the DBA’s peanut butter drive, visited Coolidge Wall offices on Feb. 5 to say “thank you” and officially accept the donation.

Attorneys David Pierce, Pat Friesinger, William “Bud” Seall, and Jennifer Roberts organized the peanut butter collection at Coolidge Wall.

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