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December 2013 Archives

Advanced Directives: Something to Think About

With a legacy of more than 160 years of service to clients in Dayton, throughout Ohio, and beyond, we understand the importance of time. You should know the right time to create or sell a business, the right time to grow your assets and the right time to decide where those assets should go when you are no longer able to take care of them yourself.

Supreme Court's GPS Constitutional Privacy Ruling Could Impact Private Employers

In U.S. v. Jones, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Fourth Amendment (protecting a person's reasonable expectation of privacy and against unreasonable search and seizure) was violated when law enforcement inserted a Global Positioning System (or GPS) device in a vehicle, without a valid warrant, and tracked the vehicle's every move on public streets for a month. Although Jones is a criminal case involving the U.S. Constitution which prohibits unreasonable searches by government actors, the decision may have a ripple effect on private employers who use GPS and other tracking devices to monitor employees' whereabouts.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Internet Sales Tax Cases

New York implemented a law that imposes sales tax collection duties on some out-of-state retailers that are not physically present in the state. The law requires out-of-state retailers engaged in "affiliate marketing" to collect sales tax. Affiliate marketing occurs when the retailer enters a contract with a third party (the affiliate) who operates an independent website. Under the contract, the affiliate agrees to provide on its website a link that directs readers to the retailer's website in exchange for a percentage of the sales made to readers who use the link.

Supreme Court Will Hear Religious Freedom Cases

The Supreme Court agreed on November 26, 2013 to hear the religious challenges of Hobby Lobby Stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. to the contraceptive coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act. While not on the Supreme Court website calendar yet, the latest information indicates the cases will be heard in March. The Court has consolidated the two cases and scheduled only one hour of argument for both cases.

Stay away from my friends: When is a business's social media friend list a trade secret?

The general rule in Ohio is that for a customer list to be a trade secret, it has to be... a secret. Usually this means that the customer list is stored in a locked drawer or a password-protected server that only a few trusted people can access.