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Many people dream of starting a business that allows them to make a living doing something they love. Others wish for the security and independence that business ownership can bring them and their families. In either case, the business side of things can be overwhelming for many. At Coolidge Wall, we understand how intimidating business issues like organization, internal governance and contract negotiation can be. As a client, you can expect our corporate and business lawyers to become thoroughly familiar with your business goals and operations. We then draw on the full experience of a distinguished staff of attorneys to help you make wise decisions for your business — from incorporation onward.

Our corporate law practice

Our legal team has broad experience in nearly every aspect of business and corporate law. We strive to offer businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs informed legal counsel regarding the issues they most often face:

Commercial financing, bonds and securities

Raising capital is one of the first and most important issues new and growing businesses contend with. Commercial financing, bonds and securities are all options for bringing in the funds to take your business to the next level. Our attorneys can help you understand the benefits and restrictions of each of these methods.

Mergers and acquisitions

Because any market can be limited by the competition, successful businesses often need to absorb others to expand. Our attorneys can guide you through the complex process of mergers and acquisitions when it is time for your business to grow.


The structure you choose for your business can have a lasting impact on operations. Whether you are incorporating a business or interested in converting an existing company, our organization and restructuring lawyers can help you make and implement a good decision. We offer tax planning strategy guidance to set your business on the path to success.

Business contracts

Contracts are the most basic building block of business relations. Our attorneys are available to assist in drafting and reviewing your important business contracts and to provide representation during negotiations and contract dispute litigation.


Doctors and other medical professionals and institutions face industry-specific challenges during business formation and operation. Our attorneys understand the business side of the healthcare field and can help your practice meet any legal challenges it may face.

Not-for-profit organizations

Not-for-profit companies receive the valuable benefit of being income-tax exempt. In exchange, they are subject to a number of important limitations and ongoing requirements. Our incorporation lawyers advise clients of how to form not-for-profit organizations and help them understand and observe ongoing compliance requirements.

Make Coolidge Wall a part of your business

Our attorneys at Coolidge Wall provide comprehensive legal counsel regarding all aspects of business law and commercial transactions. For more than 165 years, we’ve been providing legal services to corporations, non-profit companies and businesses of all sizes. Contact us and find out more about how we assist you.

Coolidge Wall can help your business goals become a reality

With a broad bench of knowledgeable and experienced counselors, Coolidge Wall serves businesses, entrepreneurs, lending institutions and others with legal advice in financing and capital-raising transactions throughout Ohio and the United States. Let our history, reputation and knowledge work for your business-no matter where you are. Contact us to learn how we can contribute to your company’s success.
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