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We help clients manage assets and plan for their families

Providing Trusted Estate Planning and Probate Services

Our clients trust the attorneys of Coolidge Wall with their important estate planning and probate needs.  Our team is experienced in all aspects of estate planning and probate law, including:

Wills and trusts

Our lawyers use a variety of estate planning tools, including wills and trusts, to ensure the people and causes that matter to you receive the fullest benefit of your life of hard work.

Estate tax planning

Without proper estate tax planning, this onerous tax can deprive your family members of a substantial portion of their inheritance. Our attorneys understand how to help clients avoid or minimize estate tax liability through sound planning.

Probate administration

A poorly planned estate can be a nightmare. Even well-planned estates can involve substantial oversight. Coolidge Wall attorneys use their practical experience to promote efficient probate administration and avoid unnecessary delays and expenses.

Business succession

A strong business can represent financial security for your family for generations. Our attorneys can help you plan for business succession so the people you trust can continue to enjoy the benefits and control of your business.

Coolidge Wall attorneys can help you plan for your family’s future

Coolidge Wall provides estate planning and probate services to individuals and businesses of all types. Contact us and find out more about how we can contribute to your success.

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