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We help companies manage workforce issues

At Coolidge Wall, we believe that a company’s workforce is its most important asset. However, managing personnel issues and striking the balance between attracting talent and keeping workforce expenses manageable can be a difficult and delicate task. Employers can easily make mistakes that lead to litigation, overcompensation or morale difficulties. Our labor and employment attorneys are well acquainted with labor trends and employment law and use that knowledge to provide our clients with creative and cost-effective advice. 

Our labor and employment practice

Our attorneys provide comprehensive labor, employment and employee benefits counsel to businesses of all types and sizes. Our team focuses on providing the services that employers need most, including:

Employment litigation and administrative disputes

Allegations of employment discrimination, harassment, and whistleblower retaliation can be costly and can damage your company’s reputation if not handled properly. As experienced litigators, our attorneys are prepared to offer counsel and representation during all types of employment litigation and administrative disputes.

Employee benefits

Our attorneys help design employee benefits packages that are attractive to potential hires, cost-effective and compliant with state and federal law. We can offer advice on how to improve your current retirement and health and welfare plans or help your company build a benefits package from the ground up.

Human resources advice

While you trust your human resources staff, knowing they have ready access to human resources advice from attorneys can inspire a great deal of confidence. Our legal team is available to provide advice on both routine and novel human resources issues – from employee handbook reviews to termination decisions to leaves of absence under the ADA and FMLA – allowing you to take the guesswork out of personnel administration.

Executive compensation

Attracting quality management and executive personnel is challenging in any economy. Our lawyers use their knowledge of current trends in executive compensation to aid you during high-level employee negotiations. In addition, we can help companies construct creative compensation packages to attract top-notch executives without a major outlay of capital.

Collective bargaining

Issues about union avoidance, unfair labor practices, collective bargaining, and labor arbitrations are critically important to unionized and non-union employers alike and can affect your company for years. Our lawyers use their negotiation experience and labor law knowledge to help you avoid unions when possible, to comply with the NLRB’s many rules, or to get the most out of the collective bargaining process.

Coolidge Wall provides effective counsel on all types of employment issues

The attorneys at Coolidge Wall understand business realities and labor trends and use that knowledge to offer sound and practical advice on labor and employment issues to local, national and international businesses, non-profits and individuals. For more information on our Labor and Employment practice group, please contact us to learn how our knowledge can keep your company growing.

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