Workers’ Compensation

Providing Workers’ Compensation Services for Ohio Companies

Employer-side support and representation

The Ohio workers’ compensation system fills a legitimate need and was designed for administrative convenience. But for businesses of all sizes, workers’ compensation issues can be a nightmare. Employers trust the workers’ compensation practice team at Coolidge Wall to provide informed counsel and competent representation regarding these important issues.

Our attorneys help businesses throughout the state manage administration and oversight, litigate injury claims and handle the regulatory requirements of the workers’ compensation system.

Our comprehensive workers’ compensation practice

Our team is proud to provide employers and insurance companies with the administrative and litigation services they need for workers’ compensation issues. Our lawyers are available to assist business clients in both routine and exceptional workers’ compensation issues.


Our attorneys can provide employers with procedural guidance regarding claims management/administration requirements and review and recommendations regarding individual claims. Good administration and review practices can avoid unnecessary litigation while still maintaining accountability and oversight for unreasonable claims.


As experienced litigators, Coolidge Wall lawyers can protect your interests during administrative hearings and court appeals. Our attorneys have represented employers in initial workers’ compensation hearings, Industrial Commission proceedings and subsequent litigation in Ohio courts.

Audit challenges

Employers are subject to numerous reporting and record keeping requirements under Ohio workers’ compensation laws. Our team provides competent advice during Bureau of Workers’ Compensation compliance audits and helps employers pursue audit challenges of unwarranted citations or adjustments.

How our Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys can help

Workers’ compensation is one of many ancillary issues Ohio employers must confront on a daily basis. Having one of our workers’ compensation attorneys assist with supervising administration and reviewing claims can decrease the likelihood of costly mistakes and allow you and your staff to concentrate on other matters. Moreover, judicious litigation of workers’ compensation claims can save money and discourage employee fraud and inflation of injuries. Your business can count on us to take the guesswork out of workers’ compensation administration and help your business avoid unnecessary costs and legal issues.

We can help your business manage workers’ compensation issues

As a respected and versatile business law firm, Coolidge Wall offers full-service counsel. For more than 165 years, we’ve been providing legal service to business owners, corporations, non-profit companies and businesses of all sizes. Contact us and find out how we can help you with workers’ compensation issues.
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