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May 2015 Archives

EEOC Making It More Difficult To Consider An Applicant's Criminal History

Stephen M. McHugh and C. Mark Kingseed, Coolidge attorneys and DBA Committee Members, co-authored an article for the May 2015 edition of the Dayton Bar Association's magazine, Dayton Bar Briefs, entitled "EEOC Making It More Difficult To Consider An Applicant's Criminal History."  Click to view the article. EEOC Making it Difficult to Consider Criminal History.pdf

Ready to Throw Out Those Old Tax Records?

Once again, the tax filing season is behind most Americans, leaving in its wake another batch of paper and electronic records for taxpayers to add to what may already be a large collection of old tax papers and files. So, how long should you keep these files, and what documents should be saved in the archives?

A Business Merger or Acquisition Can Get Complicated

Buying or selling a business is not as easy as, say, ordering new office supplies. Whether your business is acquiring a competitor in order to expand, or you are looking to sell off your company to another party, there could be multiple players involved, as well as legal questions that need to be answered.