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August 2015 Archives

New business filings going up in Ohio

As the economy continues to improve, it appears that more and more people in Ohio are looking to own their own businesses this summer. The Dayton Business Journal is reporting that more than 9,000 new businesses filed with the state's Secretary of State's Office last month.

Electing to Use Arbitration for your Business - What you can learn from Brady v. Goodell

Did Tom Brady cheat? Is he guilty? Is Commissioner Roger Goodell a power mad dictator? I am just as curious as most sports fans to see how this soap opera plays out.

What must be in a valid business contract

These days, it is not good business practice to rely on handshake deals. When any amount of money, work or prestige is at stake, it is generally a good idea to formalize the agreement in a written contract. A contract in writing can avoid most disputes that can turn into litigation.