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September 2015 Archives

Dayton business owners give mixed report card to regulators

In many ways, whether or not a small business succeeds relies on whether it fills a need in the area and is run by talented, hard-working people. But at the same time, most small businesses will have to deal with government rules and regulations in some capacity. If those rules are overly burdensome, they might sink an otherwise promising business.

State of Ohio reaches minority-owned business contract goal

To make up for years of not doing business with minority-owned companies, the state of Ohio has set a goal of awarding 15 percent of its contracts to such firms in the state. And for the first time, the state has reached its quota, according to the Dayton Business Journal.

Are They Coming or Going? -- An Analysis of the Coming-And-Going Rule and How it Applies to Home Health Aides and Nurses

The question of whether the "coming-and-going" rule applies to home health aides and nurses during their travel to and from patients' homes is a complicated one. It is also a question that courts in Ohio have had a difficult time answering.