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January 2016 Archives

Business organizations 101: 5 business structures to consider

If you are starting a business or making changes to an existing business, you will need to determine what type of business you want it to be. This doesn't mean figuring out what you will do, what your mission statement will be or how you will compete in the marketplace. It means that you will have to establish your business structure.

Tips on Conducting Collective Bargaining Negotiations

This is a difficult time for unions throughout United States. The percentage of private sector employees covered by unions is at a historic low. Even in the public sector, unions are under stress due to straitened economic circumstances facing public sector employers and legal challenges to the union's right to collect fair share dues.

Report: Thirst for legal action in the beverage industry

In recent years, the beverage industry has seen an explosion of new businesses, particularly in terms of breweries. Ohio is home to many of these breweries, whether they have been around for years or have only recently opened their doors.

So You Repaired, Stored, or Towed a Car and The Owner Won't Come Pick It Up... Now What?

Abandoned vehicles are an all too common problem for owners of repair garages, towing services, and storage facilities. Fortunately, Ohio law allows these businesses to claim title to abandoned vehicles and if done properly, without the excessive cost of litigation to secure Court ordered title.