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March 2016 Archives

Looking to reorganize your business? Focus on decisions

Any time a company is struggling to pull in a profit, stay competitive or achieve its goals, business owners may very well consider reorganization. This action can shake things up and potentially reveal problems that were hidden or causing avoidable setbacks, but it can also significant upset the daily and short-term capabilities of a company.

Thinking Differently About Charitable Giving - Using Closely Held Stock to Make a Charitable Gift

Individuals always are looking for the most advantageous ways to support the charitable causes they believe in. While giving cash is common, there can be significant tax advantages by making gifts of property instead.

Anti-trust laws and preventing monopolies

Merging with or acquiring another business can be a critical step in any company's growth. However, they are complex and intricate processes that don't just happen overnight. It can take considerable planning, valuation and negotiation to get to the point where a merger or acquisition can be considered and/or approved. Even at this point, there is the potential for the deal to be denied if the Federal Trade Commission believes it could violate antitrust laws that prevent monopolies.