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April 2016 Archives

Reorganizing your business? Take care with terminations

Reorganizing a business involves a number of details and moving part which need to be addressed and managed. Failure to do this can lead to avoidable mistakes that can ultimately cost a lot of money and even jeopardize the future of a reorganized business.

Motor Vehicle Repair Shops: Consumer Laws That Should be Reflected in the Way You do Business

Developing best practices for your business is essential to avoiding unnecessary liability and consumer initiated claims against you. As part of that process, repair and service shop owners need to become familiar with the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act ("CSPA"). The CSPA requires motor vehicle repair and service providers to comply with specific and detailed requirements.

Companies working harder than ever to stop employee 'poaching'

One of the tools that companies have to protect themselves includes employee agreements and contracts. These documents can prevent people from disclosing confidential information or working with the competition in the event of a job change. When both parties comply with the terms of these contracts, there may be little cause for concern.

Estate Planning for the 18 Year Old

When my son, Sam, celebrated his 18th birthday, I gave him (surprise!) his very own set of estate planning documents. They were not as popular as, say, a Land Rover, but they were definitely at the top of "my" list. Why? Because he was now an adult and I was now persona non grata.