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June 2016 Archives

3 ways your business plan will help you raise capital

Starting a business is not just about having a good idea or product to sell. It also takes a considerable amount of money to get a business off the ground and running. You need money to hire people, create or make available your goods and services, rent office space, launch a marketing plan and complete a whole host of other objectives critical to operating a business.

Acquisition could pump more resources into sluggish businesses

People outside the business world often think about a particular business in very black-and-white ways. It's either a success or a failure, failing or thriving. But a business doesn't just run at two speeds. There are peaks, valleys and plateaus, and business owners must adjust to each of these situations.

Don't jeopardize your business in an effort to defend it

Most people get into the healthcare industry because they want to help others, whether they become a doctor or work as an administrator in a nursing home. However, there are many realities of this industry for which you might be unprepared.

The Bankruptcy Court as a "court of the United States" - A Warning to Attorneys

In the unreported decision of Grossman v. Wehrle (In re Royal Management, Inc.), the Sixth Circuit joined ranks with the Second, Third and Seventh Circuits in holding that "a bankruptcy court is a 'court of the United States' within the meaning of 28 U.S.C. § 1927," opposing the position taken by the Ninth and Tenth Circuits.

Employment policies: Stay on top of these with legal support

Strong communication with employees should be a top priority for Ohio business owners. Without effective communication, the relationship between these two groups of people can suffer considerably and people wind up with far more questions than answers -- and far more disputes than resolutions.