The Ohio Supreme Court Changes its Interpretation of the Confidential Law Enforcement Investigatory Records Exception to the Ohio Public Records Act

In General by Coolidge Wall

In December of 2016, the Ohio Supreme Court, in State ex rel. Caster v. City of Columbus, 2016-Ohio-8394, changed the way that a public office may respond to a public records request where the confidential law enforcement investigatory records exception applies. Confidential law enforcement investigatory records (“CLEIRS”) are not considered public records pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43(A)(1)(h). Investigatory work product may be withheld by a public office under the CLEIRS exception. Before the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision in Caster, the CLEIRS exception regarding investigatory work product was interpreted as applying until all possible proceedings had been completed, including …

Talda and Gentry To Give Presentation to DBA Corporate Counsel

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Coolidge attorneys Richard Talda and Dan Gentry will be giving a presentation to the Corporate Counsel of the Dayton Bar Association on April 27. Their talk, “Caveat Emptor: Arbitration Insights — It May Cost More Than You Think,” will examine the preference under both Federal and Ohio law for enforcing arbitration agreements; the intended benefits for arbitration; and how well arbitration delivers on those intended benefits versus resolving disputes in traditional court proceedings.