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All of our clients know how to make money, but few people know how to protect wealth once they have accumulated it. When individuals, families and businesses wish to protect their substantial assets from potential future threats the attorneys of Coolidge Wall Co., L.P.A., help them develop strategies to do so.

As part of our comprehensive practice, our lawyers assist clients with an array of asset protection methods to guard against:

  • Potential future creditors
  • Malpractice claims or other lawsuits
  • Foreclosure deficiencies
  • Litigious colleagues, employees or consumers
  • Former or current spouses and other relatives

Given our extensive experience as a premier resource for business in Ohio and worldwide, we are particularly well-suited to helping business owners and executives protect their assets.

Protecting Your Assets and Your Future

Proper planning can help you protect what you have been working for during your life. Our asset protection services can help you manage any legal risk to your assets and minimize their exposure to seizure by future creditors. We do not skirt the law or hide assets; we develop safeguards for your property while providing you with flexibility and control over your assets.

Because asset protection frequently involves large transfers of resources and property, it is an area rife with legal and ethical minefields. Our firm has earned our reputation as a professional and ethical mainstay of our community. We have helped countless clients develop strong, lawful and forward-looking estate plans that protect their financial security and achieve their goals.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation via telephone or in-person at our office in downtown Dayton, Ohio. 937-223-8177.

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