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At Coolidge Wall, part of our estate planning practice involves matters of guardianship and conservatorship for the elderly, disabled persons, minors under 18, and others who are legally unable to care for their own legal and financial affairs.

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Our firm represents people who are seeking guardianship or conservatorship of a loved one, as well as individuals trying to avoid guardianship or conservatorship. We understand that every family has its own set of unique concerns and we are committed to helping you explore your options. Let us guide you through an appropriate course of action for you and the people you love.

We also assist parents who want to ensure their minor children are cared for in the event of incapacity or death. The choice of a guardian for minor children is ultimately in the hands of the court, but it does not know you, your family or your wishes. To ensure the best possible chance of having your children placed with the person you wish, our lawyers can help you nominate, or recommend, a guardian for your children in your estate plan.

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Guardianships are governed by complex laws and it takes experience to navigate those laws and reach a solution that meets your family’s needs. Our guardianship attorneys have the knowledge and skill to maximize your chances of success. Please call 937-223-8177 to arrange a consultation.

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