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We can help you design attractive and cost-effective employee benefits

Your company’s employee benefits package is indispensable to your ability to recruit and retain high-quality workers. For some potential hires, benefits are even more important than salary. However, employee benefits plans can also be complex and expensive. Designing a plan that is administrable, attractive to employees and cost-feasible for your business requires a thorough understanding of management-worker relations and financial trends. Our employee benefits attorneys use their knowledge of retirement, health and welfare benefits as well as fringe benefit programs to help design, draft, and manage a benefits package that keeps you competitive in the labor market.

Our employee benefits practice

Our attorneys have helped all types of businesses, from large and well-established companies to new start-ups, as well as nonprofit organizations, churches and governmental units with their employee benefits plans. We also represent benefit plan fiduciaries, record keepers, and other benefit services providers.

Coolidge attorneys help our clients manage the legal issues that surround various types of employee benefits:

  • Tax-qualified retirement plans – Code section 401(k), profit sharing, and defined benefit
  • Code section 403(b) plans for tax-exempt employers
  • Code section 457(b) eligible deferred compensation plans
  • Health, dental, short- and long-term disability, and life insurance plans
  • Code section 125 cafeteria or flexible benefit plans, health savings accounts, and health reimbursement arrangements
  • ESOPs and other stock ownership plans

We work with businesses and organizations to understand their priorities, concerns and capabilities fully. This allows us to help employers assess the costs of possible packages to make more informed decisions about employee benefits. We then provide assistance in drafting and implementing the plans our clients ultimately chose.

Employee benefits are much more than plan documents and administration. For example, we can help you understand the implications of the Affordable Care Act to your health and welfare plans in order to help your company avoid or at least mitigate the risk of noncompliance with the law that may otherwise result in substantial nondeductible excise taxes. We can also assist you with federal COBRA and state mini-COBRA healthcare plan continuation coverage issues. Disability situations most always require an analysis of seemingly layers of different laws, insurance contracts and sometimes labor agreements to a complicated factual situation. Our attorneys can analyze these situations and advise clients as to the best course of action to efficiently handle this type of sensitive problem.

We offer comprehensive advice on HIPAA privacy and security compliance to healthcare plan sponsors and employers.

Ongoing counsel for employee benefits issues

Once your employee benefits program is successfully in place, we can continue to provide counsel and insight on issues such as benefit plan governance, administration, plan documentation and fiduciary and operational compliance counseling. As experienced advocates, we are prepared to represent clients before the Department of Labor or IRS, in audits, investigations, and voluntary correction programs. Our litigation and benefits attorneys represent clients effectively in complex benefits disputes and lawsuits. In addition, our lawyers have assisted companies in managing employee benefits issues that arise in sales, mergers and reorganizations.

Of course, the best employee benefits program accomplishes little if your employees do not fully understand what it provides or how to use it effectively. That is why we work with your personnel team to effectively explain in layman terms the complexities and nuances of highly regulated benefits programs and plans. Efficient communication promotes employee satisfaction and morale.

Coolidge Wall can help you provide cost-effective employee benefits

Coolidge Wall knows employee benefits law and understands the dynamics of management-employee relations and how to leverage this knowledge to the betterment of its clients. We can help businesses offer competitive benefits to employees. For more information on our employee benefits practice group, please contact us to learn how our skills can keep your company growing.
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