Sophisticated Support for Your HR Team

Advising your personnel staff on the full range of employment issues

Solid workplace policies are perhaps the best way to avoid costly employee complaints and litigation. Moreover, having such policies in place can substantially improve your position when litigation does occur. While you trust your human resources staff to keep a handle on personnel issues within your company, it is nice to know that when complex or novel questions arise, they can call upon the experienced employment law attorneys at Coolidge Wall for help. As part of our comprehensive employment law practice, we are available to provide legal counsel and services to businesses regarding daily labor and employment issues.

Legal support services for human resources departments

Most small and medium businesses do not have the luxury of an in-house legal department, leaving them to guesswork when confronting many legal issues. Businesses in this position can count on us to provide cost-effective and practical advice and day-to-day legal services regarding various personnel and labor issues:

  • Policy drafting and review
  • Employment contract drafting and review
  • Grievance representation
  • Union issues
  • Employee benefits issues
  • Termination reviews
  • HR and employee training

Our employment attorneys keep up to date with the latest developments in labor and employment law. Our labor and employment practice group boasts years of experience and can provide employers and their HR representatives with legal answers and practical insights, allowing them to handle both routine and novel personnel issues more effectively.

Proactive action to help avoid labor and employment issues

Taking advantage of preventative legal counsel can help your business fix personnel problems before they turn into costly litigation. Our employment attorneys can help your HR professionals craft internal policies that show your company’s commitment to preventing harassment and discrimination. The knowledgeable team of lawyers at Coolidge Wall Co., L.P.A. can educate your supervisors and managers on the best way to deal with these problems if they occur.

Our labor and employment group has advised businesses on how to protect their interests while avoiding allegations of unfair labor practices or bad faith during union elections and collective bargaining. Our attorneys are here to help when labor and employment disputes occur. In addition, we are here to provide competent counsel to prevent such problems in the first place.

We can help your business make smart HR decisions

Coolidge Wall is proud to provide HR legal advice to our clients. For more information on our Labor and Employment capabilities, please contact us to learn how our knowledge can keep your company growing.
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