Union Avoidance

As an employer, unionization can be a threat to your business, your employees and your bottom line. At Coolidge Wall, we have represented employers in management-labor relations for more than 165 years.

We counsel employers who have existing relationships with unions, those who wish to avoid unionization in the long term and those who are responding to immediate organizing drives or campaigns.

When our clients wish to remain union-free as part of their employment strategy, we guide them in taking proactive steps to minimize the likelihood of union organization. We have successfully represented employers in state and federal courts, and before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Our attorneys assist employers facing a full range of issues surrounding the formation and prevention of unions, including:

  • Representing employers in negotiations with unions
  • Developing strategies and bargaining positions that are consistent with our clients’ business goals
  • Drafting contracts and employment policies
  • Training management on dealing with unions
  • Lawfully managing labor picketing and mitigating its effects
  • Litigating labor relations cases in state and federal courts

Partnering in Our Clients’ Success

Often, the best way to avoid the formation of unions is to develop a strong labor relationships program. We help our employer clients thoroughly understand their rights — as well as the rights of employees — so they can take lawful, strategic steps to prevent the formation of unions.

To learn more about our services for employers, please contact us and arrange a consultation.

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