Attorneys for All Aspects of the Administrative Process

A step forward for regulatory questions, local, state and federal

Administrative agencies have come to play an increasingly crucial role in all types of business and property matters. Boards, agencies and commissions decide important controversies every day, covering everything from labor disputes to land use. Yet many attorneys remain unfamiliar with administrative processes. Our team at Coolidge Wall understands the need our clients have for competent representation in hearings and appeals before various state and federal agencies. Businesses nationwide count on our lawyers to protect their interests in all manner of regulatory matters.

Representation in a wide range of administrative hearings and appeals

With extensive knowledge of the general administrative process, and the specific procedures of various state and federal agencies, we have the experience necessary to practice before various administrative bodies:

  • National Labor Relations Board
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Fair Trade Commission
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Administration
  • Ohio Board of Building Standards
  • Ohio Board of Building Appeals
  • Ohio Casino Control Commission
  • Ohio Court of Claims
  • Ohio Elections Commission
  • Ohio Industrial Commission
  • Ohio Liquor Control Commission
  • Ohio Public Utilities Commission
  • State Employment Relations Board
  • Ohio Tax Appeals Board
  • Ohio Environmental Review Appeals Commission
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Department of Energy

Why competent representation is important

While administrative agencies are not courts, they frequently act in a quasi-judicial capacity by making decisions regarding the rights and duties of specific individuals or businesses on issues ranging from licensing to use. A state or federal board or commission can affect you and your business just as directly and profoundly as any court. Administrative proceedings can be just as formal and complex as any court proceeding and should be handled by an attorney from a respected litigation law firm. Favorable decisions at the administrative hearing level can help you and your business avoid the need for the costly court process.

Managing administrative appeals

Even if you do not get a favorable decision at your administrative hearing, most agencies have a multi-tiered appeal process that allows you to have the decision of the lower board or officer reviewed for reasonableness and evidentiary support. Nearly all agency determinations are ultimately subject to judicial review. Whether being reviewed by a court or by a higher board or commission, however, these appeals are usually not new fact-finding proceedings. They require effective appellate advocates who can analyze the proceedings to point out errors and abuses of discretion.

Coolidge Wall can protect your rights during the administrative process

We represent clients before administrative boards and agencies, both federal and state. For more than 165 years, Coolidge has been representing corporations, non-profit companies, individuals and businesses of all sizes. Contact us and find out more about how we contribute to your success.
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