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Just because the trial has concluded does not mean that your case is over. Post-trial practice and the appeals processes are important aspects of litigation. Major civil cases and nearly all criminal convictions may go through multiple appeals before the result truly can be considered final. The appeals process, however, is vastly different from trial practice. Effective appellate advocacy requires an academic mind and attention to detail. At  Coolidge Wall, our attorneys possess the diverse skill sets to handle civil and criminal cases from start to finish.

What makes the appeals process different?

While fundamental to most lawyers, the distinctions between trial litigation and appellate practice is frequently misunderstood by the public at large. An appeal is not a new trial — although an appellate court may order a new trial to be held. The court of appeals ordinarily does not consider new evidence and takes no additional testimony. Instead, an appeal is an in-depth review of the trial to identify and remedy errors by the judge or jury that could have changed the outcome.

Appellate attorneys practicing in both state and federal courts must specifically identify the errors they are contesting and provide supporting arguments — including precedential case law, statutes, and other persuasive authority — through thorough and well-drafted written briefs. These briefs are crucial since appellate courts provide only very limited time for oral argument and appellate court judges and justices may consume that time with questions directed at the lawyers Facing appellate court panels can be a daunting task for attorneys who are not experienced in the appeals process.

Our appellate attorneys are up to the challenge. With support from our litigation team and contributions from our relevant practice groups, we are prepared to competently handle even the most complex state and federal appeals.

Coolidge Wall attorneys can handle your case from start to finish

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