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Contract disputes are a reality of doing business. Even the best laid plans, most comprehensive contracts, and previously harmonious business relationships can give way to misunderstanding and disagreement. Resolving these disputes is the key to limiting the adverse effects they can have on your business and requires litigation experience, business knowledge, and creativity. Coolidge Wall attorneys understand business realities and employ creative strategies to obtain timely and favorable resolutions.

Our attorneys assist in resolving all types of contract litigation

Contract litigation can come in a variety of forms. Whether you are the party asserting a breach of contract or are defending against allegations of deficient performance, substantial amounts of money can depend on how the dispute is resolved. Our litigators have experience resolving all types of contract disputes:

  • Franchises
  • Licensing
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Breach of warranty
  • Late delivery or performance
  • Breach of confidentiality or noncompetition agreements
  • Real estate contracts Employment disputes
  • Shareholder or partnership disputes

Practicality in resolving business disputes

Resolving business contracts disputes in a way that is beneficial to your business takes a practical and broadly focused approach. An effective strategy must take all factors into account, including litigation costs, potential outcomes, and possible effects on future business relationships. Our attorneys understand that winning in court does not mean much if expenses outweigh the potential recovery or loss or if the process destroys a business relationship or terminates a potential deal. Our attorneys make it a priority to get to know you and your company so that we can design litigation strategies that serve both your short and long-term goals.

As a business with deep roots in the community, we understand the importance of relationships in business and take a holistic approach to contract litigation and dispute resolution. We make every effort to negotiate reasonable settlements to business disputes and use alternative dispute resolution techniques where appropriate to minimize delay and expense. Nevertheless, our team of lawyers has the litigation experience necessary to aggressively pursue or protect your rights and the rights of your business when necessary.

We can help your business effectively resolve contract disputes

Litigation is in our blood and knowing our clients business needs is what we do. For more than 165 years, we’ve been representing corporations, non-profit companies, individuals and businesses of all sizes. Contact us and find out more about how we can assist you.
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