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At Coolidge Wall Co., L.P.A., in Dayton, Ohio, we are dedicated to helping our business clients succeed and grow. In our times, the integration and management of technology is essential for every business we serve.

We help clients with a full range of legal issues involving technology, including:

  • IP — The proliferation of online communications and social media makes it easier to misuse and steal intellectual property like trademarks and copyrighted works. Our technology law attorneys help businesses protect their brands, develop favorable licensing agreements, and take legal action against intellectual property violations when appropriate.
  • Creation of policies — We help businesses, employers and technology service providers develop policies to govern intellectual property, employment, privacy and terms of use.
  • Internet privacy issues — With many companies making the news for large-scale data breaches and other privacy failures, strong privacy policies and supporting technology are essential to protect your business, employees and customers. Our lawyers can help you develop and implement privacy frameworks that safeguard your interests

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