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Nondisclosure Agreements Lawyers in Dayton

For more than 160 years, the attorneys of Coolidge Wall Co., L.P.A., have represented business owners, employers and executives in our hometown of Dayton, Ohio, throughout the state and around the world.

We assist business owners, employers and professionals navigating complex noncompetition and nondisclosure agreements. When an employee chooses to pursue a new opportunity, it is essential that the intellectual property interests of his or her employer be protected. Further, the enterprise value of a business in its market and with its customers and clients must be secured.

Results-Driven Representation, Tailored to Your Business

Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating, drafting and enforcing noncompete and nondisclosure agreements in state and federal courts. Our lawyers understand that litigation is often expensive, time-consuming and disruptive, and we strive to resolve our clients’ legal issues efficiently, always keeping an eye on the bottom line.

The best way to avoid disputes over a noncompete agreement is to ensure that the contract is clear, enforceable and legally sound. With dozens of attorneys on our team, many with decades of legal experience, we have helped many businesses and executives enter into reasonable agreements that minimize the likelihood of future litigation.

When legitimate disputes arise, we are prepared to pursue our clients’ best interests — whether it involves swiftly negotiating a fair outcome or arguing our case in court. Our strategy is always guided by your goals and your business’s needs.

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