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Our experienced lawyers understand administrative hearings and appeals

While designed to be faster, less expensive and less complicated than traditional litigation, the Ohio workers’ compensation litigation process is still fairly complex. In some cases, the financial stakes in workers’ compensation cases can be quite high. If your business is committed to fighting a workers’ compensation claim, you need an experienced Dayton attorney to present your case and advise you throughout the process. In addition to our seasoned staff of litigation attorneys, our legal team at Coolidge Wall Co., L.P.A. includes several Dayton lawyers with specific experience in the workers’ compensation litigation process. We can aggressively present your company’s case through hearing and appeal to give you a better chance at a favorable settlement or decision.

How Ohio workers’ compensation litigation works

Once an employer or insurance carrier has fully or partially denied a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, the aggrieved worker can request a hearing before the Ohio Industrial Commission (OIC). In most cases, a district hearing officer (DHO) holds a hearing within 45 days of the appeal. Either party may appeal an adverse decision by the DHO to a staff hearing officer (SHO). The losing party in an SHO decision may request a discretionary review by the OIC’s Commissioners’ Panel. Certain Panel decisions can then be appealed to the appropriate Ohio court of common pleas and then up through the Ohio court system.

Why your company needs a workers’ compensation attorney

Workers’ compensation litigation is a balancing exercise where businesses must judge whether the likely outcome justifies the costs of continued litigation. Moreover, like many other administrative agencies and panels, the OIC and courts have very specific procedures, rules and guidelines for how they deal with these types of cases. While workers’ compensation cases bear some striking similarities to other types of litigation, knowledge of these specific rules and standards is crucial to success.

The attorneys at Coolidge Wall Co., L.P.A. have experience representing business clients before all these bodies. We know the specific procedures and characteristics of each level of the hearing and review process and have the practical experience necessary to provide insights on likely expenses and outcomes. Our goal is not simply to help our business clients win workers’ compensation cases but to give them the information and counsel they need to proceed in a fiscally sound manner.

How our Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys can help

Workers’ compensation is one of many ancillary issues Ohio employers must confront on a daily basis. Having one of our workers’ compensation attorneys assist with supervising administration and reviewing claims can decrease the likelihood of costly mistakes and allow you and your staff to concentrate on other matters. Moreover, judicious litigation of workers’ compensation claims can save money and discourage employee fraud and inflation of injuries. Your business can count on our experienced team of attorneys to take the guesswork out of workers’ compensation administration and help your business avoid unnecessary costs and legal issues.

Coolidge Wall Co., L.P.A. can help you take a sound approach to workers’ compensation litigation

At Coolidge Wall Co., L.P.A., our Dayton attorneys advise local, national and international businesses with employees in Ohio regarding every aspect of workers’ compensation litigation. Call us today at 937.223.8177 or contact us online to learn what we can do for you and your business.
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