Law Firm Evolution: Coolidge Wall Chooses Nextpoint to Provide Litigation Services

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

The Dayton, Ohio law firm of Coolidge Wall Co. LPA has chosen Nextpoint to be the firm-wide provider of in-house eDiscovery collections, review, and trial presentation technology. By joining the Nextpoint Select Partner Program, Coolidge Wall will simplify litigation support for its small and medium-sized clients. With the benefit of Nextpoint training, the Firm can begin collecting, processing, reviewing, and stamping electronic evidence for litigation the moment a matter is launched.

Founded in 1853, Coolidge is a full-service business law firm based in Dayton, Ohio with more than 30 attorneys practicing in Business, Real Estate, Tax, Labor and Employment, Litigation and Estate Planning. Coolidge Wall relies on Nextpoint to assist in the management of a number of complex matters. In one recent matter involving multinational parties and voluminous data, Coolidge’s overseas clients were able to securely access the hosted Nextpoint litigation platform in order to quickly identify documents that were vital to the defense of the matter. “We were able to provide multiple users with access to the relevant the data. Our client was able to identify pertinent documents, while redacting our own privileged documents in the cloud environment,” says Richard Talda, lead trial attorney and the firm’s Litigation Practice Group Chair. Talda added: “Nextpoint has been the right tool at the right time for many of our most complicated matters.”

Thanks to those experiences, the firm has now chosen Nextpoint’s cloud-based litigation technology for their in-house solution. Nextpoint’s Discovery Cloud platform gives the firm’s lawyers unlimited data storage, immediate access to evidence, unlimited processing power, and the vital evidence management technology they need. And that’s all at the lowest price point in the industry.

Nextpoint’s all-new Nextpoint Select Partner enterprise pricing program makes eDiscovery, trial, and social media archiving services dramatically more efficient, affordable and accessible to all. The Select program offers tiered pricing, lower costs, dedicated support, and predictable billing for matters of all size. And as social media and website content is increasingly important in all types of matters, Nextpoint’s industry-leading cloud collection software gives Coolidge staff the ability to capture and process any type of web content for litigation.

Through the Select Program, Nextpoint is now part of the Coolidge Wall team, helping the firm move to the next level of in-house capabilities. “We at Nextpoint have enjoyed working with Coolidge Wall or a long time now and we are thrilled they are now part of the Nextpoint Select Program,” says Nextpoint CEO Rakesh Madhava. “Our goal is to make litigation technology that is powerful and cost effective for all types of law firms, and I believe Coolidge Wall is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this technology.”

Changing the Conversation in eDiscovery

The growing cost to process, review, and produce evidence for litigation is a major concern for law firms and their clients. The Nextpoint Select Partner Program is changing that dynamic. Nextpoint Select offers complete training and support to ensure Select partners can use the platform effectively and control the cost and complexity of any matter.

By adopting Nextpoint eDiscovery and litigation technology, legal departments, law firms, and all litigation-related service providers can move to an affordable, effective, cloud-based service, leaving outdated legacy software behind. While the technology powering most litigation is more than 30 years old, Nextpoint’s patented technology platform is built on a modern cloud computing architecture that delivers unlimited computing power, unlimited processing power, and unlimited data storage at one predictable price.

To find out if Nextpoint Select is right for your organization, please contact us, visit our pricing page, or watch one of our free demos.

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