Ohio Energy Law to Be Signed by Governor Kasich

In Business Law, General by Coolidge Wall

Over the past two years, Ohio’s industries, businesses and lawmakers have fiercely debated whether the state’s utility requirements for renewable energy and energy efficiency have been harmful or beneficial to the state’s economy.

Efforts to roll back legislation, thereby dismantling clean energy mandates in the state, appear to have been successful. Governor John Kasich plans on signing the legislation that will freeze Ohio’s renewable energy laws for a minimum of two years.

Currently, around 30 states have renewable energy standards. Ohio’s renewable energy law was enacted in 2008 and includes the following provisions:

  • 25 percent of electricity sold by each utility or electric services company within the state of Ohio must be generated from alternative energy sources by the year 2025.
  • State utilities must obtain cumulative electricity savings of 22 percent by 2025 through adopting energy efficient methods.

Critics of the 2008 bill contend the renewable portfolio standard target (RPS) has increased electricity rates and raised costs, causing some businesses to lay off employees. After Governor Kasich signs the rollback legislation, RPS requirements in Ohio will be frozen for at least two years. Of course advocates of the state’s renewable energy law intend to fight the freeze.