Your optimal business structure: hardly a one-size-fits-all decision

In Business Organizations by Coolidge Wall

Business organizations in Ohio and across the United States come in myriad forms, and for eminently sound reasons.

Fundamentally, of course, no single business structure can be uniformly applicable for all enterprises. Business principals in one instance might be comprised of just a few members and focused predominantly on exercising close control through a family-owned company or a closely held corporation. Conversely, it might be the case that partners are highly concerned with risk-related implications and seek to address that concern through formation of a limited liability company. In many business scenarios, rapid growth is envisioned, which can logically drive top-tier decision makers to contemplate the advantages of incorporating to raise capital through stock issuance.

As we note on our website at the long-tenured business law firm of Coolidge Wall in Dayton, “Each type of entity offers unique benefits and drawbacks,” which makes careful consideration of business form a critically important matter.

What are your enterprise’s central goals? Do your executives employ a singular or even unique management style? Are tax considerations a top-level concern for you? Is it reasonably conceivable that your business could sufficiently change over time to warrant a complete restructuring and reorganization?

Timely focus on such matters is obviously an imperative for business success, and something that a deeply seasoned team of legal professionals can materially assist entrepreneurs with as they seek to make well-considered decisions geared toward company success and business profit.

The deep legal team of proven attorneys at Coolidge Wall — one of Ohio’s oldest and most resilient law firms — routinely assists clients from around the world with business concerns of every nature.

We welcome readers’ close scrutiny of the firm and the opportunity to apply demonstrated legal acumen to all of our clients’ business needs.