Mergers, acquisitions: proven counsel can promote positive results

In Business Organizations by Coolidge Wall

One thing that is centrally true of any successful company in Ohio, nationally or internationally is that it is not static.

That is, its business operations are overseen by principals who understand that purposeful change — well-considered and carefully prepared adjustment — is often a necessary component for sustained excellence and enduring profitability.

Winning businesses are dynamic, inquisitive, exploratory and always on the lookout for continued company development.

That “eye on growth” mentality often results in business owners and ranking officers proactively searching for new ways in which to expand and prosper.

One such strategy focuses upon purchasing another company and/or its assets. Another involves the merger of two distinct businesses. Further still, two or more businesses sometimes interact to form completely new entities.

Although the requirements involved in investigating such activities and taking all the material steps necessary to forge new business models and outcomes necessarily differ in the details, there is some commonality inherent in all merger/acquisition activity.

And that centrally resides in complexity. Any such business activity will of course entail exacting — and often prolonged — negotiations. It often requires due diligence scrutiny across dimensions ranging from labor matters and environmental concerns to consideration of risks posed by current and/or potential litigation and additional matters.

The interests of multiple stakeholders must also be considered and dealt with. A major expansion-related activity for any business will also involve close consideration of all applicable local, state and national laws. And where a potential business partner is a foreign entity, things can ratchet up in complexity in a big way.

The deep legal team at the Dayton commercial law firm of Coolidge Wall has been helping diverse local, national and international business clients deal with such concerns for decades.

Our goal in every client matter is to facilitate a positive and cost-effective outcome. We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to bring our advocacy to bear on behalf of commercial entities seeking to expand their businesses in effective ways.