Gentry Participates in Oakwood Hollinger Tennis Center Rededication

In News by Coolidge Wall

As President of Hollinger Tennis Center, attorney Dan Gentry was present at the July 4th celebration and renaming of the tennis facilities, now known as the “City of Oakwood Hollinger Memorial Tennis Center.” The rededication and new name reflect the new partnership between the City and the nonprofit Club, which celebrates seventy years of operation this year.

“By partnering with the City of Oakwood, we hope to expand membership and continue to improve our tennis facilities, which are acknowledged to be the best clay courts in the area,” said Gentry. “We welcome and appreciate the City’s efforts to integrate the Center into other recreational programs offered in Oakwood. We look forward to working with the City to take the Center to a higher level and make clay court tennis available to more members of our community.”