Workforce issues: many and challenging for any business

In Business Organizations by Coolidge Wall

A well-trained, diverse and employer-committed workforce is at the top of any list of variables that define and centrally contribute to business success. A company in Ohio or anywhere else with exemplary employees is already halfway home when it comes to a prospering bottom line.

Notwithstanding that, though, it is a flat business reality that employee-related matters can be challenging. As we stress on our business law website at the historically long-tenured and proven commercial law firm of Coolidge Wall in Dayton, “managing personnel issues … can be a difficult and delicate task.”

That is precisely what we help employers from Ohio, other areas of the country and even globally do as they seek to strike the proper balance in optimally overseeing their work resources while pursuing long-term success. As we note on our site, Coolidge Wall’s deep and experienced employment law team of attorneys diligently works “to provide our business clients with creative and cost-effective advice on workforce issues.”

Those issues are myriad, and understandably so, given that people are centrally involved at every juncture.

As such, our seasoned lawyers — who collectively command many decades of on-point employment law experience — routinely bring their acumen and knowledge to bear on behalf of business clients across a wide universe of employment-related considerations. Among many other matters, those centrally include input in the following areas:

  • Employment litigation (defending claims of discrimination, retaliation, harassment and additional matters)
  • Employee benefits (e.g., retirement, health, pensions and more)
  • Representation on matters regarding both unionized and non-union workers
  • HR advice, including in areas regarding compliance with state and federal laws on wide-ranging employee-centered concerns

We make strong efforts to optimally promote the best interests of our diverse business clients in every work matter we undertake. We welcome contacts to the firm, as well as the opportunity to bring our experience and creative energies to bear on behalf of specific business challenges and concerns.