Taxes, liability and more: much for a business to think about

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A writer in a recent media focus on law and business planning calls it “a crucial decision that has to be made right at the outset of the entity cycle.”

We closely endorse his view on structural choice and related considerations on a page of our website spotlighting entity organization and enterprise strategy, noting that, as a commercial entrepreneur, “you must thoroughly evaluate your business model, management style and goals before choosing a structure.”

In the Accounting Today article referenced above, tax specialist/editor Roger Russell reminds readers that, while tax-related implications “are a significant driver in determining which entity structure to select,” they are far from being the only consideration.

In fact, there are myriad variables for business principals to think about, both at the inception of their enterprises and down the road in the event that a commercial restructuring is being contemplated.

We centrally assist our diverse business clientele in Ohio and outside the state in identifying and responding purposefully to all those considerations. Given Coolidge Wall’s tenure as one of the oldest business law firms in Ohio, coupled with the firm’s demonstrated advocacy on behalf of legions of entrepreneurs and established enterprises, company owners and managers know that they can rely upon our best efforts and considered counsel in every client matter.

That counsel often encompasses input on matters that are prominently cited in the Accounting Today report. Those range widely, and include things like the following:

  • Funding strategies and accessing capital at attractive rates
  • Liability concerns, which are key considerations for every business
  • Tax planning across all dimensions
  • Ownership structure and compensation

The attorneys at Coolidge Wall, routinely help business clients of all types respond to challenges and explore new opportunities. We welcome contacts to the firm from all business principals seeking to work with a seasoned and empathetic legal team that has long promoted the best interests of its valued clients.

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