Intellectual property: often the life blood of an Ohio business

In Business Organizations by Coolidge Wall

Ohio businesses, like enterprises across the country, run a gamut of sizes and types. Cities across the state, and small towns in between, have vibrant and growing pockets of corporate vitality that enrich their communities.

Dayton is certainly no exception to that, of course, with the city and surrounding region housing an exceptionally eclectic and dynamic commercial infrastructure. The Dayton area contains some of Ohio’s most important and profitable companies, which contribute immeasurably to the region and state in areas ranging from transportation, media communications and manufacturing to health care, education and a host of other concerns.

All those enterprises share some common attributes, of course, with it being just as apparent that each one of them has discrete and singular needs.

As to that commonality, we note on our business and commercial law website at Coolidge Wall , Co., L.P.A. (one of Ohio’s most historical and long-tenured law firms), that, notwithstanding the particular nature and magnitude of any given business, “intellectual property issues are likely integral to [its] success.”

In fact, business principals across every realm know how flatly important it is to protect intellectual property rights and interests. The “life blood” reference we make above in today’s post headline is, if anything, an understatement regarding how critically important so-called “IP” is to most commercial enterprises.

The intellectual property of your business might reside primarily in patents and technological platforms. Perhaps your company has important trademarks that give you distinct recognition in the public and, thus, a competitive advantage. Maybe you have trade secrets that require immaculate safeguarding through the protection that ironclad noncompete and nondisclosure agreements with key employees can provide.

Our firm can help you protect your IP through drafting, licensing, negotiating and, when necessary, litigating on your behalf.

Truly, there is no question that intellectual property stands at the apex of key company assets that must be scrupulously safeguarded. Proven IP attorneys know that and can help business principals take timely and meaningful steps to protect brands, processes, licensing rights and other intellectual property that contributes daily to commercial success.